Food & Beverage Translation Services

Napa Valley Translation Company provides specialist language services for the food and beverage industry in Napa Valley and throughout the U.S., working from French and Spanish into English.


Translation quotes are based on the number of words in the text you need translated, so you will always know up front precisely what the job will cost.

Do you have a written text that you need translated into clear, concise and flawless English? You can send digital files in editable format (e.g. .docx) by email to to obtain a free, no-obligation quote; or contact me if you have special confidentiality requirements.


I’ll make sure your text is free of embarrassing errors, so you can focus on what you do best

A translator’s most important asset is mastery of their own native language, which also makes us excellent proofreaders. If you have a translation you need checked over for accuracy and clarity – or even just a second set of eyes for an English-only text – contact me to learn about my hourly rates for proofreading.


Although it is often mistakenly referred to as translation, interpreting deals with the spoken word while translation involves only written texts.

You may need an interpreter if you are:

  • organizing a multi-national or multi-lingual conference;
  • planning to visit or host business partners who speak a different language;
  • setting up a meeting or conference call with clients overseas.

The type of interpreting service that will be most useful to you will depend on the situation, so please get in touch to discuss your individual needs.

For translation, proofreading and interpreting quotes please get in touch at and I will reply as soon as possible!